Title of the document This Website: https://staff.ibrglobalmarkets.com is directed towards staff verification.
IBR-Global Markets Ltd is pleased to provide an online primary source for staff verification. Third party individuals, corporate organizations and partners that need to verify the employment status of a staff are required to use this service. This is also available to social agencies who need to verify employment. 
At IBR-Global Markets Ltd, we know that identity fraud can be very damaging to our organization. Verification of the authenticity of an employee is vital to safeguarding our business reputation.


Photo Verification
Identity Verification
Status Verification
Hierarchy Verification
Location Verification

Click Here to view our Staff Identification Card specimen.  All staff identification card are subject to online verification.

Human Resource Department 

Phone: +234 [0] 700 IBRGLOBAL
Email: HR@ibrglobalmarkets.com
Opening Days: Monday – Friday
[Except Public Holidays]
Operation Hours: 08:30 – 17:00 GMT +1

Verify / Report A Staff

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It is the policy of IBR-Global Markets Ltd only to provide prospective employers with references regarding former employees who have worked for the company within the past three years.
It is the policy of IBR-Global Markets Ltd only to provide prospective employers with the dates of employment, final job position and final salary of a former employee. All references are to be given by the Human Resources Department only.
If the former employee is required to provide a prospective employer with additional information by way of reference, the employee must sign a form that the company and the prospective employer harmless from any statements or documents published related to that reference.

Note: We do not provide employment information for employees who worked or have worked as contractors, volunteers, unpaid interns or for third-party vendors. All correspondence with our staff should only be done through the email and phone number on the portal.

Employment Verification & Service Certification

An automated platform available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.This platform is available to individuals,corporate organizations and partners who need to confirm staff identity.


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